Kevin McCurley

What's wrong with this picture?

I recently quit my job as a research scientist at Google. I am not seeking employment. If you wish to reach me, see my contact information.

This website has been dormant for a few years now - I only maintain it as a cloud service for my experiments, and very little of it is visible to the public. Some legacy remnants survive, including a paper about Welfare economics, and some things related to digitization of video from talks at cryptography conferences.

I've had an even older site on the web since 1994 or so, so maybe the novelty has worn off for me. I created this site to archive some publications of mine, and to provide a long-term presence on the web.

I also have a few comments about the TREC GOV2 data set, a list of coauthors, and some SVG maps that I created that show the "digital divide" of the web. There is also an SVG graph showing my mathematical genealogy. I was happy to find that I could trace it back to Gauss, Euler, and Descartes.

The bomb making instructions are found elsewhere, along with an explanation. You might also wish to see my daughter's page (Kay McKelly. If you're feeling in a silly mood, be sure to also visit another creation of mine. Other stuff includes a list of anagrams and some good advice on your research career.