Videos of Crypto '98 Rump Session

Tuesday evening, August 25, 1998

Chair: Stuart Haber
Camera man: Takeshi Shimoyama
Video Editor: Kevin McCurley

Speakers are indicated with an * asterisk.

7:00 pm Introduction
Stuart Haber

7:03 Attacks I

Cracking DES (alternative link alternative link) (7 min)
Paul Kocher, John Gilmore, Matt Blaze
RSA award presentation (no video)
by Ron Rivest
Impossible differential attacks (7 min)
Eli Biham, Alix Biryukov, * Adi Shamir
Miss-in-the-middle attacks on IDEA (5 min)
Eli Biham, * Alix Biryukov, Adi Shamir
Impossible cryptanalysis of Skipjack (5 min)
* Eli Biham, Alix Biryukov, Orr Duckelman, Eran Richardson, Adi Shamir

7:27 Number theory

A couple of records in number theory (2 min)
Antoine Joux, Reynald Lercier
(p^2)q and pq are probably not as hard to factor (6 min)
* Jean-Sebastien Coron, David Naccache

7:35 New schemes I

Applied kid cryptography or How to convince your children that you are not cheating (6 min)
Moni Naor, Yael Naor, * Omer Reingold
A new trapdoor permutation (5 min)
Pascal Paillier
Pirate card rejection (4 min)
David Kravitz, * David Goldschlag

7:50 Attacks II

Flaws in secure login protocols (3 min)
Nate Lawson
(Ab)using the Okamoto signature scheme for encryption (3 min)
Moti Yung
Covert broadcast coupling channels from governmental sources (2 min)
Paul Syverson

7:58 till 8:15 BREAK

8:15 Attacks III

Differential power analysis (6 min)
* Paul Kocher, Josh Jaffe, Ben Jun
A new physical attack and its security implications (2 min)
Vincent Rijmen
An attack on RSA given a small fraction of the private-key bits (2 min)
Dan Boneh, Glenn Durfee
Strength of two DES implementations under timing attacks (4 min)
* Alejandro Hevia, Marcos Kiwi

8:29 Standards, etc.

PKCS #1 v2.0: RSA cryptography standard (3 min)
Jessica Staddon
cAESar, mAES, phAEStos, AESop, etc. (4 min)
F. Koeune, G. Piret, * J.-J. Quisquater

8:36 Zero knowledge, etc.

A zero-knowledge proof of possession of a pre-image of a SHA-1 hash (5 min)
Hal Finney
Zero-knowledge public-key validation (4 min)
Moses Liskov
Certification of secure RSA keys (6 min)
Simon R. Blackburn, Steven D. Galbraith

8:51 Theory

Erdos number and cryptographers (4 min)
Jean-Jacques Quisquater
A modular approach to authentication and key exchange (2 min)
Mihir Bellare, Ran Canetti, Hugo Krawczyk
The random-oracle model, revisited (2 min)
Ran Canetti, Oded Goldreich, Shai Halevi
Implementing oblivious transfer (5 min)
* Yevgeniy Dodis, Silvio Micali

9:04 till 9:20 BREAK

9:20 Attacks IV

Compatible weak keys (4 min)
Ross Anderson
How not to authenticate code (5 min)
Nicko van Someron
A common and serious error in many cryptography papers (3 min)
Kathleen Ward, Phillip Rogaway
Differential cryptanalysis of 16-round Skipjack using 2^24 chosen plaintexts (5 min)
Sung Mo Park, Sang Jin Lee, * Seongtaek Chee
A massively parallel ASIC-based machine for time-memory trade-off cryptanalyis (3 min)
*Tsutomu Matsumoto, K. Takahashi, M. Iida, H. Miyata, K. Nakajima

9:40 New schemes II

Unconditionally anonymous public-key certificates (4 min)
Kazuomi Oishi
RACCOON: Rapid Cryptographic Coprocessor of Organic Nature (4 min)
Thomas Jakobsen
A proposal for Internet *computational* commerce: How to tap the power of the Web (3 min)
Rafail Ostrovsky
A role of anti-quantum bits for super-dense coding (4 min)
Jaroslav Hruby
Group signatures a la carte (4 min)
Giuseppe Ateniese, * Gene Tsudik
Efficient Rabin-type digital signature scheme (5 min)
* Kaoru Kurosawa, Wakaha Ogata

10:04 till 10:15 BREAK

10:15 Block ciphers

AES pick five competition (2 min)
Yiannis Tsiounis
Conservative improvement on DES key schedule to use 64 key bits (3 min)
Jonathan Stiebel
Visual analysis of AES -- theory and practice (3 min)
Tsutomu Matsumoto, Kazuo Ohta
The SteelTalon encryption algortihm (3 min)
Frank Luyster

10:26 Many parties

Efficient multi-party computation against dishonest minority and general Q2-adversaries (4 min)
* Ivan Damgard, Stefan Dziembovski, Ronald Cramer
Self-adjusting multi-party computation (4 min)
Juan Garay, Rosario Gennaro, Tal Rabin
On the (in)security of composed VSS protocols (3 min)
Rosario Gennaro, Stanislaw Jarecki, Hugo Krawczyk, Tal Rabin

10:37 The party's over